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Well. Today was interesting.

Woke up and went to work as usual. Work has been slow. . . I think they're going to start laying us off. We get there, there's nothing for my mom and I do to, so we volunteer to use a vacation day each and just leave. So we leave.

Went down to the cemetery to see grandma. Got there, and like. . . we were crying, there for less than a minute, and the sprinklers came on. xD [It's seven AM at this point] So we ran like hell back to the car.

Went home, slept again until eleven AM, left for Walmart-- oh, did I mention my mom got another bird? A cockatoo. Her name is Bella. I think I already mentioned it but yeah. Went to Judy's too so mom could make another payment on the bird, since she's home now.

Dropped mom off at home, left again on my own and down to the mall I went. First time I've been there since grandma passed. First time in four months I've been out of Boulder City, really. . .

Got a new bra [IT PUSHES MY BOOBS UP REALLY HIGH I LOVE IT.], food, and a banana smoothie, and left. Went back to the cemetery and bought grandma a ground vase, it'll be installed on Monday. Went to the gravesite and talked to her for a few minutes, went to Ralph's grave and said hi, and went home. Now I'm just. . . here.

I've been thinking about my grandmother a lot lately. Not sure why. . . hm. Weird.

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