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Well, this is lame. Nothing good has happened, at all.

Mom and I had a HUGE argument this morning, I won't go into the details, but I cried all day at work. She wouldn't let me eat lunch because we had to "talk" and this talk consisted of her telling me her COPD was killing her faster. So more crying ensued.

Yeah. Hurray. Y'know I'd really, really like to move the fuck away from here, but that just isn't going to be in the cards unless I can make some money.

There was a job I wanted -- as a flight attendant. . . however, you have to be twenty one for the job so that sucks. Ugh.

H & R Block fucked my taxes up. Huzzah.

Hm, wtf else has happened.

. . .Um, yeah. Erin's first dance recital is on Friday. Whooooooop.

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