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WELP. Erin's first dance recital was last night, omg she was adorable. I ran into Amy and Desi Arnaz [Lucille Ball's daughter-in-law and son], and she wanted me to join the studio again. She doesn't own it, but mentioned that Miss Anna [the new owner] is giving adult tap lessons. I'm going to check tap AND Irish tap, but we'll see. Irish tap = two years tap experience. . . I have THIRTEEN years tap experience, but it's been a while, so who knows if Anna will let me do Irish. Um, or if they let adults do Irish for that matter. XD;

Next year, I shall be checking Tap, Irish [if they offer it >>], and ballet. If they don't offer Irish this year, I'll do ballet again. I'll be in the recital next year, and since I'll be with the ballet company again, I'll be doing other productions during the year, such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake. . .etc, etc.

So yeah, I'm jazzed -- I can only pray I can afford this. @_@; Dancing is very expensive, especially in this studio, founded by Lucille Ball's son [Lucille Ball = red head from I Love Lucy] and his wife. It's well renouned. . . I'm SO jazzed. I can't wait to start performing again.

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