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Has it honestly been five months since I updated this thing? Huh.

Not that anyone reads it, but I suppose for my own piece of mind.

Lots of things have happened. I went to Portland to see Sarah back in August, it was lots of fun! I went to the state fair with her brother, Joe, and then we went to Kumoricon. I cosplayed Franziska von Karma from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and I met three of my online friends, Meygan, Jared, and Justin. It was a blast.

I'm still at my same old crappy job, still not doing much. I can't believe it's almost been a year since my grandma Joy passed away. This is going to be a hard month, I've already discovered.

I've lost weight, which is good -- but what's startling me, is that my hair is starting to fall out again. People say it's from stress. . . but I'm not sure.

Mom made her six months at her new job, she got her brown shirts. They're trying to recruit me, but. . .

I still don't have a car. The thing isn't in my name still, the battery is shot already. . . and I've had it here five months. That's really sad.

Buddy, our Shi Tzu has glucoma now. He's completely blind. I don't think our chiuahua, Rocko, is feeling well either.

I'm not feeling well myself -- something's very wrong, and if I told anyone, you'd all think I was crazy. So, I'll. . . not say anything. I dunno. . .

I got sued a few months ago. Some guy who was stalking me. . . bah. We won. Patty in the office quit. . . she was awesome. I'll miss her.

I have a baby macaw now, his name is Luna. Oh, I found out Yak Yak is actually a boy and not a girl. Funny, eh?

The house -- this one -- is still pending. I'm unable to get a credit card ANYWHERE as I have no credit, and uh, yeah. Thus, I cannot get a loan anywhere, either. Ugh. We'll figure something else out I guess. For now, I'm looking for a second job. . . haha.

Heather turned twenty one on the seventh of October, but we haven't been talking much. . . again. Was hanging out with Brit for a while too, but now we're not talking too much again.

My old computer decided to explode last weekend while I was on the phone with John, Mike, Bryan, and Nick. o-o; Just up and exploded literally. So now I have this new one.

. . .I miss my old one.

Feh. Mom will be up for work soon. Why am I not in bed? I took yesterday off, and they closed the plant today. Whoop-dee-doo.

. . .Yeah. See you in another five months probably. XD

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