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There's another Phoenix Wright ost coming out -- The Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul OST. I neeeeeed it. I have the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra OST, it's 'da bomb'.

Donna, a member of the In-Tech team of like, five years, got pissed and quit today. Wow.

Thank god it's Friday. Brit C. Says she'll go to Anime Vegas with me. Huzzah.


When I got off of work today, stupid effing brother of mine calls and is all 'OMGGGG I NEED SOMEONE TO BE HERE FOR A FEW HOURS DUR DUR DUR' so I drove mom over to Taco Bell, got our dinner, took her over there, and went home -- aka mom's house. Got home, began to eat, Mom calls and tells me to pick her up. My brother is a douche bag.

Last week he promised me I could have his apartment -- Sarah, you remember where I used to live, right? On Georgia Avenue? S'where my idiotic asshole brother lives. He said I could HAVE it. . . and now he's selling it. He lies. As usual.

. . .
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Mom's threatening suicide again. Ugh.

Today was horrible. As usual. The days only get worse and worse.

Got screamed at all day as usual.

Mom was sick, and I think I've got what she's got.

Haven't slept in a few days. My head hurts.

Mom's cockatoo, Bella, is here now. I like Bella -- but mom should be using that thousand dollars to help ME, not buy birds. . .

. . .I just love Boulder.
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Today was no better. Woke up depressed over my asshole brother. Blah, blah, I got to work, only to have things go UBER wrong.

Today is, indeed, the end of the month. Things where I work get. . . rather hectic because where I work, my bosses are nimrods. They wait to build stuff, and all that shit, and ship it until THE DAY IT'S DUE. So yeah,.

I go and start my Z-World things [Z-World is the owner's personal project in which I am in charge of], and BAM Pat [my boss] comes up. "OMG BUILD THIRTY OF THESE YESCO BOARDS" So I was like 'Alright.'.

I set up, and her boyfriend Jim, begins harrassing the hell out of me. 'HOW CAN YOU BUILD A BOARD WITHOUT A BILL OF MATERIALS?' Well no SHIT SHERLOCK. I'm not that stupid -- he had the damn paper work, and wouldn't let me have it. He was taking his time on purpose, so I began to walk around and count boards. Pat flips out and begins screaming at me, and Jim begins screaming at me as well. Something along the lines of 'LAZY ASS' and 'WALKING AROUND UNTIL BREAK COMES' [Which was in five minutes, but I hadn't even NOTICED the time], finally did it. I just broke down; criiiied my ass off. I didn't care, at that point who saw me. I just did -- and at that point, I stood up to leave. My mom grabbed me, and talked me out of leaving. . . because I -do- need the job right now. Ugh.

Then we get that all done and over with, and Pat is all 'WE NEED YOU IN SHIPPING'. I hate shipping, it's always hectic. . . but omg on the last day of the month is the WORST. Ugh. . .

. . .Today has SUCKED.
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WELL, more bad news about the will!!

My asshole brother once again gets more money -- grandma messed up BIG TIME and gave over half of mom's and uncle's money to HIM.

This means my entire inheritance -- fourty thousand dollars -- will be spent on saving this house. I'm FUCKED big time.

I'm going to screeeeeeeam and beat the hell out of someone or something now.

Going to apply at Taco Bell for a second job tomorrow.
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R.I.P Candy

A friend of mine and my mom's died on Tuesday, I just found out. Her name was Candy -- I've known her since I was a baby. She even made my wedding gown. Very talented lady.

Apparently there were complications involving her stomach -- she'd been sick for a while. The last time I saw her, she came over and did grandma's nails. . . she looked alright, but she wasn't.

Candy was an awesome lady, a bit of a druggie, but awesome. Always there for you. Tomorrow we're going to the gathering thing at the mortuary. I hope she's at peace now.

When I wouldn't get off the stage at my first recital; I kept blowing kisses to the crowd for like five minutes. The next day, Candy came into where she and my mom worked with a badge that said 'I know Elizabeth's mom'. From that point on, everyone knew who I was -- whether I knew them or not.

She'll be missed. Candy, say hi to grandma for me . . .
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Well, I feel emo. Kept reading the journal entry on the other . . . journal of mine, about when grandma died.

Yesterday sucked, almost every day sucks.

I hate work.
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Saw Lacie's mom in the store today. Told her about gram, cried. She wouldn't leave me be for like, ever. Hurray.

Work sucks.

It's raining and thundering -- what's worse, is that it's raining in this room, too. The roof is leaking like. . . crazy. Ugh. . . no sleep tonight, I guess. Tomorrow is mom's birthday. I've already ruined it by snapping at her.

Got her a cake and stuff. Hurray.

. . .Going away now. Depression has set in. Again. And I'm getting wet thanks to the rain.
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Aaaaand I'm back. Hurray.

So, since I disappeared, nothing much has happened. I'm now all moved in with my mom, grandma's house is empty [save for my car, I'll get to THAT later], for sale sign is up, now we play the waiting game.

The car: Hahaha. The car that was supposed to be mine. . . isn't. Grandmama didn't will it to anyone, ergo it is listed as an asset. It gets divided between my brother and Uncle.

Supposedly, they're signing it over to me. We'll see.

Mom's still indecisive as to whether she wants to keep this house or not. I personally, am so sick of everything here, that I don't give a fuck now. If she sells it good, then I'm out of here even sooner. I've been praying she gets pissed and kicks me out. Then I can just leave without having to feel bad.

She's really not helping me with the rent. She's , instead, buying a cockatoo. The rent is going to be well over a thousand dollars if we ever get it. Ugh. It keeps growing and growing. I had nine hundred something dollars, but since my Nintendo DS disappeared, I went and thought 'FUck it' and bought another one,

Mom was not pleased. She was also not pleased to find out I bought Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All.

. . . I don't care.

Birthday was a disaster, I did all of mom's dirty work as usual, she screamed at me, and all that. Sarah sent me an awesome pink trenchcoat though. I love it! Soooo warm.

Brother is an asshole. Sister-in-law is a bitch. I hate my family.

. . .Cannot wait to leave this horrid place. Mom screams at me every morning. She tends to. . . remind me, while screaming, that she is dying.

. . .Did I ever mention that? Yeah. My mother is dying. She's got COPD, and it will eventually kill her off. She keeps wishing for death. She loves to make me miserable.

Well. I'm done bitching for now. I have to do stuff. Or something. Whatever.
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Well everyone, this is goodbye for a while. This is my LAST entry, until the new year. . . and maybe longer. I'm not sure.

I'll miss ya'll, wish me luck. Heather goes home tomorrow, so I'll be hanging out with her tonight, then going over to mom's to clear out whatever is left in my NEW room [which is trash and boxes and. . . her old clothes and dirt. o_o;], boxing up what's left here, and going to bed early. No intarwebz at mom's house, and I don't know when I'll be able to afford it. Four or five months, maybe? Who knows.

I thiiiink most of you have my cell number, so if you wish to call, I work Monday thru Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Free weekends, so yeah. Drop me a line sometime~

Take care, love you all lots,

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. . .

Heather and I went to see Casino Royale last Thrusday, stayed out really late, fun to be had. Watched the FMA movie.

I'm obsessed with James Bond now.

Christmas, mom and I fought. We didn't get eachother anything. Well, she made me pay for dinner at the Railroad pass which was disgusting.

Worked overtime yesterday, in a bad mood. This is one of my, if not final, entries in this journal until I move. I have to be out by Saturday, so yeah.
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